Drug Identification Numbers (DINs)

You will need a Drug Identification Number to submit a claim to your insurance.  This will be provided to you at the time of your appointment.  If you would like to call your insurance company before your appointment to see if you are covered, here is a list of commonly used vaccines and their DINs.

Hepatitis A
Havrix DIN 02187078
Havrix Junior DIN 02231056
Avaxim DIN 02237792
Avaxim pediatric DIN 02243741

Hepatitis B
Engerix B DIN 02487039
Engerix B (pediatric) DIN 02487020

Hepatitis A and B
Twinrix DIN 02230578
Twinrix Junior DIN 02237548

Japanese Encephalitis
Ixiaro DIN 02333279

Menactra DIN 02279924
Menveo DIN 02347393

Imovax Rabies DIN 01908286
Rabavert DIN 02267667

Shingrix DIN 02468425

Typherix DIN 02242727
Typhim Vi DIN 02130955

Typhoid and Hepatitis A
Vivaxim DIN 02248361

Yellow Fever 
YF-VAX DIN 00428833

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